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The Last Hurrah of So and So...

"Well played my good man"...he said as he lingered just below the threshold. "I thought you might try to persuade her to stay but instead you..." his pause was studied, meant to be meaningful. "I guess I don't know what I expected really."

This was not the sort of conversation either of them was used to having. Especially not with each other. If he could only force the words out he might have some relief, some resolution. The air simply escaped past his lips with a barely audible hiss. He turned to make his way down the stoop and into the night. At the last step he felt the tendons and muscles tighten through out his entire body. It was as if every cell had suddenly gone on strike...he simply ceased to exist.

Why bother with bothering he thought to himself? I mean if that was how the divine designer imagined his retribution, who was he to argue. He knew it was over. He knew she had never really been his. And perhaps more telling he knew he never really cared one way or the other.

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