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Tamaryn Teams With Artist Richard Phillips To Help Continue To Overexpose Actress Famous For Overexposure And Starring Opposite A Car Ten Years Ago...

San Francisco's goth princess Tamaryn gets song cast in artist Richard Phillips tortured perfume ad starring America's favorite repeat offender Lindsay Lohan! We here at "What Duvet Said..." applaud Tamaryn for the "get" and wish she was cast instead of Lohan. It would have made for a much more compelling film, instead, we have been reading the scores of bloggers reading too much into Lohan's waterlogged performance. It's merely a Maxim pictorial put to music (albeit very good music), with the Lindsanator looking distant, constipated, and dumb. See below...Hear Tamaryn's interview with Robert "Bob" Duvet on a past episode of "What Duvet said...About Music" here!


Everybody’s Talking At Me…Karaoke Night In The Hood! Or, Living On A Dream! Secret Or, It's The Fernet Talking...

OH OH! You're halfway there...
“Hey man!” a voice greeted Bob just as he was crowning the threshold of the door; born into the bar he braced himself for another meaningless conversation. The environs were indistinguishable from the thousands of other “Irish” bars that litter American cities. Places that seem premade and ready to ship once a liquor license is obtained and drunks have been secured. The only thing imported in this particular “Paddy Palace” was the female cousin of the owner who found herself in San Francisco on “holiday” and was dutifully standing behind the lacquered barrier. “Hey Bob!” the voice rang from just over his back shoulder as he continued his journey down the length of the bar, pass empty stools and just as empty regulars. He pivoted to acknowledge what he privately hoped would just disappear. The succession of words making up the sentences that were sure to follow would undoubtedly engage him in another vacuous and pointless exchange. The kind of seemingly endless interactions his life consisted of when he dared venture from the security of his one-bedroom compound. Bob felt the recoil of a smile involuntarily command his face as he reached his hand out to complete the tired gestures of incidental greetings. The only component that made this the least bit exciting was the anticipation of getting the greeting down right. “Clasp hands while pulling the subject inward into a half hug followed by a fist bump to the top of the subject’s back”, he thought to himself, “I think that’s where this greeting is heading.” He had been in the neighborhood too long. He viewed everything, including spontaneous greetings, with a clinical detachment. He felt like a resident doctor eager to test his knowledge of diseased social protocols. The exchange went poorly because he had misdiagnosed the patient, who clearly wanted to do that thing where palms interlock culminating into a fist bump explosion. That’s why he hated all of it. “So, Bob, you gonna sing tonight?”, the talking started. “I’ve been here since noon for the soccer game, I’m WASTED!...I should probably eat something other than Fernet! HA! HA!”, he laughed, sending bits of spit just over Bob’s shoulder. “I might get up and do a song...” he continued. “Yea, you know what you should do? Do you?...Motley Crue!...How’s that one tune go? You know, I’m a dreama..” words rattled off like a Gatling gun. With each sentence it felt like more rounds were being pumped into his body – like in the movies when gangsters shoot their victims so many times the person is stood upright flailing in place before collapsing in a heap. “I need to get something to eat or I’m not gonna make it…FUCK IT! I’ll just have Fernet! HA!...Were you here last night? It was CRAZY! We were getting all kinds of FUCKED UP!” the excited voice raising to match and eventually trump the group of twenty-something girls caterwauling through “Living On A Prayer”. Each trying to pull the microphone closer to their mouths simultaneously, while mimicking the moves of their own imagined stripper past. “Yea, you should sing some FUCKING CRUE DUDE!!”, the voice enthused never noticing that Bob had already turned away and retreated in the main room. “Why do I come down here anyway?” Bob wondered as he intently began flipping the pages of the red vinyl-covered karaoke book laid out at the table in front of him. Maybe he would do Motley Crue after all.  


To Delve, Wade, Or Wallow: Bob Duvet Investigates Silence…Or, Another De-Railed Train Of Thought.

Another sunny, silent day...
“I’m really swimming in it now…” Bob thought for a moment as his right hand guided the white mouse across its grey, rubber landscape. He noticed his reflection distorted and misshapen on the glossy surface beneath his fingertips, like he had entered a house of mirrors at some county fair. It is in these moments we catch glimpses of our true selves, guilty, depraved, searching for comfort in images and release from our habitual nature. The music playing in the background was all wrong. A distraction. A reminder of the impermanence of everything he spent his days putting value on - just another band in a multitude of bands with ironic titles, pleasant sounding enough but inconsequential and distracting. He needed silence, or the “new silence” as he liked to think of it. It was as much silence as someone can expect living in a city, the constant hum of broken people trying to fix a broken world running like a distant motor propelling it forward. Silence, true silence, didn’t exist for anyone anymore. Perhaps, it never did exist at all. There was always something, some sound emanating from somewhere ready to muck up the silence, to distract. A plane flying overhead was no different for him than the trickle of a stream for somebody else. He couldn’t believe that this would prove no less maddening to that person than these sounds were to him in a similar moment of reflection. Just because nature produced them made them no less vile in that moment when one craves perfect silence. Bob hung his head as he came to realization that this “silence” never existed. It could never be obtained. Even in death there was probably some gnawing buzz that permeates the afterlife, there always had to be something fighting to be heard. A fucking refrigerator or the happy giggle of tourists coming across a landmark that inspired them to come to this fucking place and stand outside his window. To interrupt a silence that never really existed. The word no longer was necessary because what it defined never really was. He could prove it just by sitting still and waiting for some clang or bang, hum, buzz, click, rustle, or breath that was held for too long inside him to shatter what he once new as “silence”. He couldn’t even keep himself silent he thought, as he tried to remember what sent him down this thought path? Oh! Snapped out of the loll of introspection he typed, “girls with big tits” into the search engine box.


"What Duvet Said..." Renewed Statement Of Purpose...Or, DIY Or Die...Better Or, Bob Duvet Abandons Schilling, Paying Homage, And Catering....NEW AND IMPROVED OR!! Honesty, Artistic Expression, And Self-Gratification Are Duvet's Latest Memes, In Service Of Clogging Up The Digital Space With That Kind Of Stuff!!

Painting of Henry Rollins by Glen E. Friedman & Shepard Fairey
I recently have found myself going through my old punk rock records and wondering if the boy that purchased these records, in service of blindly following his youthful idealism, would want to sit down and listen to these same records with the man I am now. While that is a far more complicated conversation, one that would probably not yield a simple yes or no answer, it has forced me into a corner where self-examination butts up against the value generating paradox of having this blog. In the past, when governed by the purely selfish goal of realizing personal dreams, I found I could keep the angst at bay by having the freedom to engage in unfiltered creative tantrums and outbursts. Over the years these became more refined statements of intent with subtle nods to the necessity of compromise in an effort to achieve one's imagined purpose. Soon you can become convinced that the world can be broken into a series of games that need to be played, and simply being aware that you are playing them becomes a kind of achievement in itself. But the message contained in the music of the Minutemen, Black Flag, and The Descendents was largely one of refusal. Does the world need more unsolicited takes on art, music, politics, culture, etc.? I want this blog to be representative of the person hosting it and less a representation of the events and artists it covers. A shift is in order, away from singing the praises of others, and toward singing more specifically the thoughts that inspired the youthful idealism. An idealism that is still lurking below the pessimism and cynicism that has bottled up a dormant creativity. Going forward, I want this blog to be a forum for the self and less a depot of others. There will still be music content and podcasts but there will also be more writing of a more confessional nature, starting with this post. "Bob Duvet" has no choice but to "do-it-himself" because that is who is behind this blog anyway. I realize this may alienate some who like to visit for "Make It Or Break It" recaps or for an up and coming band they are curious about. My hope is that others may find more "original content" interesting, unique, and unlike other blogs they visit. The fact is describing something someone else does has become less interesting to me and my enthusiasm is waning to be one in a choir of blogs that already fulfill this role. I want to more closely resemble the kid who bought the punk rock records and then went on to make some of his own, less the man who dissects them. I hope this renewed sense of purpose will inform myself and the readers of this blog in the way that my punk rock heroes did when I dropped the needle on records that crackled with life and sparked an awareness of the endless possibilities in me.


The Black Angels & Sleepy Sun Live At San Francisco's Slim's Has Them Dropping Like Flies...Or, Brown Acid Makes A Comeback! MORE OR, Hydras, Phosphene, And Shamen OH MY!

Black Angels Ascending & Waiting To Take The Stage At Slim's
Friday San Francisco's Slim's played host to a sold-out mini "West Coast Psyche Fest", as Austin's, The Black Angels, were in town in behind last year's epic release, Phosphene Dream. The mighty Texans were supported by SF's own titans or "trip-RAWK" Sleepy Sun, for a show that blew minds and the doors of the SOMA club. While San Francisco may be viewed as the Mecca of the garage-psyche scene, anyone in the know, knows, it is more the genre's Medina. To continue the extended metaphor, Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators brought psychedelia to SF from Texas like musical Muhammads. His "freak out, drone and groan" took root in the city by the bay and the rest is as they say, one version of history. On the approach to the club it was clear that their was a lot of the infamous "Brown Acid" circulating around. I witnessed several attendees trying to get right after getting real gone before the show. Inside they were dropping like flies as the music overwhelmed some who hadn't found the right ratio of booze-to pills-to pot-to (insert psychedelic of choice). It was kind of refreshing to be in an environment that felt as authentic as the bands on the bill.

Sleepy Sun's Bret Constantino
Sleepy Sun had the audience in full rapture when I entered, delivering a truly inspired performance of the HEAVY. Their sound has always reminded me a bit of Led Zeppelin's in that it is blues-based and versatile for a genre that too often seems content to recreate instead of innovate. With the departure of former "Sun" Rachel Fannan (off pursuing her solo ambitions), I was curious how this would influence the band's dynamic. All questions were answered however, as Sleepy Sun tore through their set with a more focused and refined sensibility. Singer, Bret Constantino, was in full shaman mode confident and comfortable in his role as leader of a band that has limitless directions to explore musically. For me there is no more evident example of this than the song "Lord" off their debut Embrace. The song is a meditative piano-driven ballad with an odd time signature and a beautiful guitar hook that lazes around the core melody. Constantino has a wonderful instrument in his voice and the rest of the band have the chops to take the music to places they may still, as yet, be unaware of going. New song "Toys" hints at the possibilities that await this most interesting of local bands. Their music has a sway and often dreamlike quality to it, which suddenly erupt into punishing grooves. Having seen Sleepy Sun on several occasions over the last couple of years, this was by far my "Ah ha!" moment. 2010's Fever seems to be the tip of the iceberg for this quintet and the time spent touring has turned them a real force on stage. Constanino's natural charisma filled any void left by Fannan's absence.
The Black Angels in strobes inducing phosphene dreams...
The Black Angels have often been called purists in regard to their devotion to what some view a retro-obsessed style of music. Let me say for the record this band is as forward leaning in their music as anyone on the music scene today. Too often bands play coy with influence and inspiration, as if their music comes out of some vacuum. What The Black Angels have always done, particularly with Phosphene Dream, is appropriate the musical touchstones of previous generations into something that feels fresh and of THIS moment. This is not a band that mimics, this is a band that continues a conversation that started in the mid-60's, recontextualizing their musical heroes for these times. The wave of excitement that swept through the room when they hit the stage was palpable. They have built a devout fanbase through years of constant touring and the relentless pursuit of achieving collective transcendence in the live medium. From the pounding tribal beat of their opener, audience and band alike, were off on a journey where the destination wasn't as important as how we were going to get there.

Black Angel, Alex Maas
Bandleader Alex Maas has the kind of voice that oozes cool, while not sounding affected or studied. He's the kind of guy you want leading you into the psychedelic forest the band inhabits because you know he won't let you get too lost. Driven by the propulsive drumming juggernaut that is Stephanie Bailey, songs like "Bad Vibrations" cut a swath through Slim's. Part of the fun was watching the audience snap out of its trance when songs ended, needing time to reorient and process. Other numbers like "Sunday Afternoon" have a sass that kept people moving while remaining transfixed - not an easy feat. The Black Angels songs are often anchored, in addition to Bailey's ground and pound, by walking basslines that often tweak the blues formula just enough to make the familiar seem strange and dark. It's the one instrument that gets passed around between band members. I could see the jams taking place back in Austin with someone stumbling on a riff and "Angels" reaching for whatever instruments are within arms reach to push the idea foreword. Kyle Hunt, Nate Ryan, Christian Bland and Maas create a supernatural drone on guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, and shakers. "You On the Run" from the album Direction To See A Ghost is a perfect example of the otherworldly quality to the band's music. It sounds like the soundtrack to a Hydra's journey through the underwater world. The inventive use of strobes facing the band projected against a simple black and white wave designed backdrop, created the "phosphene dream" that inspired the album's title. The crowd was locked in with the band from the opening notes to the final tone diminished into the night air. This is "freak out" music done with elegance, respect, and a sense of ritual. You know a show is good when everyone waiting in line for the bathroom turn into a bunch of Chatty Cathy's. People left the club wild-eyed and looking for a place to go continue what The Black Angels set in motion, a fevered dream that felt communal.
A lot of stuff was being passed around, trust me...
So often I go to shows and wonder how different they would be in a more hallowed and romanticized decade. I left The Black Angels and Sleepy Sun show at Slim's knowing that there was no better experience to be had in any other dimension of time or space. This is why we go to see live music, to experience something that takes you out of the normal and inserts you into the possible. These bands prove that it is possible to have one foot in the past and the other in the future, while straddling the decades between...and that's not just the  "Brown Acid" talking.
This is RAWK!!

So is this....


Season 3 "Make It Or Break It" Recap: Don't Wait To Have Your "Happy Ending"...Or, STILL, Sasha Sees A Shrink...Better Still, Boulder Teenagers Engaging In A "Mutual Admiration Society"...BONUS STILL, Do Not Operate Heavy Machinery While Under The Effects Of Spruce Juice, Alcohol May Intensify.

"Mr. Belov why are we here exactly? And, do you validate parking?"
First Darby, now Emily – is this MIOBI or Harper’s Island? After last week’s brutal and emotionally charged episode, this week’s chapter in the Rocky Mountain Gymnastic Center saga had to handle us with care; a transition episode, really, a sort of Phantom Menace where the seeds are sown for future developments. It was nice to just hang out with the gang and take a bit of a breather, but I gotta tell you, the specter of Emily’s absence hung over the proceedings like the glory of the Old Republic. Can this team, this show, proceed without its anchor, our everywoman Emily? Time will tell.

"Soooooo, we're cool Gene? And, do you validate parking?"
Time that ticks by ominously, as Kaylie sits in Doc Brown’s garage as Einstein gets fed. No, wait, she’s in Dr. Gene’s office, the richest therapist in town, as he just keeps wanting to get rid of patients by telling them they’re “All Fixed”. He’s THAT good - as you will see by the variety of acronyms he’s collected over his years of shrinking heads and lining them up on his shelf like a Shuar warrior later in the show. Kaylie is unconvinced, anxious about returning to elite gymnastics, and the way the room is set up at an angle, it’s no wonder she’s feeling uncentered. But Gene left-handedly writes her off – she came to him with Anorexia, she’s leaving him in recovery. Shoo, Kaylie, shoo. I haven’t seen this much drama about flying out of the nest since Rabbit found Cassie in the Hundred Acre Wood.

Perhaps Gene makes his money on the side designing banners for The Rock, which has added two more to its walls that are all decked out for the press to announce Sasha’s appointment (for no good reason whatsoever) to be coach of the National and World Team. Payson is trying to be all business, which libidinous Lauren dismisses as she sees the return of shutterbug Max, who presumably still has the hots for Payson. Follow that? Repeat it to me. Anyway, all the boys are back in town, as Austin appears out of nowhere to ask Pay about Emily and Kaylie. He’s not sure Kaylie is ready to come back, yet here she is, walking in to the gym for the first time in six weeks, and every crack reporter in Boulder misses it. Though the flashbulbs pop when Kelly Parker enters like Darth Sidious with her new Sith apprentice, Tessa. 


The Inca Gold Interview: With The Price Of Gold Rising We Recommend Investing In This Band Before You Get Priced Out Of The Market...Or, There Is Still Gold To Be Discovered In SF, You Just have To Go To London To Find It?

The men of London's Inca Gold
Here at "What Duvet Said..." we like nothing better than discovering a new band before anyone else. With London's Inca Gold, we think we have a real gem on our hands and want to get the word out to our loyal, dear readers. The quartet of Ezequiel Claverie (Vocals, Guitar, Keys), Ben Chatwin (Guitar), Chris Howarth (Bass), and Alex Lewis (Drums) formed in late 2010. They have been hard at work recording a series of three EPs chronicling their first year together. The music has been described as "Psychedelic-Drone Pop", with a decidedly different take on the British "shoegaze" epoch. Their sound is reminiscent of Radiohead's more "jazzy" experiments and is delivered with a refreshing polish. These are creative and inventive musicians, who we are sure will be making some noise this year and won't stay our secret for much longer. Below is my interview with Inca Gold, ENJOY! 

WDS - So I was lucky enough to come across your music and I am really blown away by the sound Inca Gold is putting out into the world. Could you give my readers a bit of an overview of how this band came together?
Inca Gold - We were (and still are) all involved in various bands and music projects in London and were aware of what each other was doing, after many discussions and frustrations at other projects we decided to collaborate on a new band that would mix all of the different styles and strengths of each individual into a cohesive whole. Thus Inca Gold was born.
WDS - Your sound has been described as “Psychedelic-Drone Pop”, who were some of the influences that went into developing the band’s sound or serve as an inspiration for what you guys are doing? (I hear a bit of Radiohead and Beta Band)

Inca Gold – It’s hard to nail down particular influences that have influenced our sound as there are four of us and we all listen to different music. I think what each individual member brings to the band serves our overall sound. We never discussed a particular sound or individual bands when we formed Inca Gold, we just played and let the sound grow naturally. I think our sound is still growing and will change over the coming year. Once the 3 EP’s are finished and out we will have arrived at a place where we can confidently call what we are writing and playing live “our sound”. Currently, between us, we’re listening to a load of Turkish Psych, Knxwledge, The Impressions, Tim Hecker, Hauschka and the latest Gruff Rhys album.
Ezequiel Claverie & Chris Howarth
WDS – Tell me more about the idea of releasing a series of three EPs over the course of 2011 (the first Inca Gold 1 came out on 2/14/11 available on your Bandcamp site for free here) to “showcase what changes a band goes through over the course of a year.” I love this idea, why this approach and what “changes” do you expect will occur?
Inca Gold – We wanted to document what Inca Gold was about and what we could do so we thought 3 EP’s throughout our first year together was the best way to do this. We have to be pretty productive to keep things rolling. For example, currently we are putting the finishing touches to ‘Inca Gold II’, writing tracks for ‘Inca Gold III’ and playing live around London pretty regularly. It’s a bit of a juggling act but I think it keeps things interesting for us. We like all aspects of writing, recording and performing and don’t want one to take a back seat just so we can play more shows for example.
WDS - Let’s talk a bit about the recording of the first EP. Who did you record it with and where? How are the songs written? There are some interesting time signatures in some of these songs and so many different textures (especially with the guitars)…I’m curious as to how long this EP took to record and the bands approach to the studio?
The First EP
Inca Gold – The first EP actually took quite longer to record and put together, mainly because it happened at the same time as we were forming the band. Most of the stuff in there was recorded in our home studios. We all play a number of different instruments and are into electronics, synths and production and want that to be a part of the band. However, when we play live we keep it simple and play to our strengths. There was a gap of 6 months since the initial recordings were made to the final mixes completed. This was when Inca Gold was in its infancy and the project started with two of us and by the final mixes there were four. That EP was really us forming into what we are now. So expect a different sound on EP II.
WDS - It sounds amazing and really BIG! In a music climate that seems to be championing “bedroom recordings” and “lo-fi”, was this a conscious choice to do something more “produced”?
Inca Gold – Funnily enough it is bedroom produced. Much of the lo-fi music that is around doesn’t make the songwriting any better. A good song is a good song if it’s recorded well or badly. We would rather create a sound we want than follow current trends. We wanted to make music that is well written, well produced, well-mixed etc. We want to give our songs the best possible sound environment to exist in. Lo-fi was never a consideration for us. We wanted a sense of space in our recordings.
WDS - I would imagine that the British music scene is very crowded and competitive, how does a relatively new band like Inca Gold go about making its name? 

Inca Gold – We just plan to write and record a lot of music, hopefully people will respond and our fanbase grows with each new release we put out. With the internet its so much easier to reach people all around the world so in a way it feels more like we are part of a bigger scene, bigger than London or the UK. 

WDS - I see that you are offering your first three EP’s for free. Could you talk to me about that strategy and how you view the current music business climate? Do you have a release date in mind for the second EP?
Inca Gold – As we are a fairly new band, it is important to slowly build a fanbase. Releasing 3 EPs gives us a chance to grow as band and at the same time increase our audience with each release. We could’ve release a song here and there, but that doesn’t let you explore music and songwriting, and in a way feels less special. On the other hand we could’ve released a full-length album to no one and fall into oblivion very quickly. So the EP’s are like spoon-feeding a hungry monster. Our second EP, ‘Inca Gold II’, is out mid June and ‘Inca Gold III’ towards the end of 2011. As for the music industry – it’s a tricky time to be a musician right now – it’s become difficult to stand out from the droves of people all trying to get their music heard, for us we try not to think about it - we just want to make some good music.
WDS - What are the bands touring plans for 2011? Are you playing the “festival circuit”, coming to America, touring with anyone in particular?
Inca Gold – Currently, we’re playing a lot in London then looking to start going out on the road to other parts of the UK later on in the year. 2012 we’re planning to hit the festival circuit, and would love to come to US and play.
WDS - What would you want American audiences to know about Inca Gold specifically and British music more generally? Do you feel like building an audience in the States is an important concern for British bands these days?
Inca Gold – Just that we’re here and there’s a lot of people making a lot of great music in the UK. We’d love to build a fanbase in America...we find that a lot of our fans online come from all around the world, which is nice as I guess our appeal is geography specific.

WDS - I always like to know what musicians are listening to, what are some of your favorite releases to come out so far this year? Besides Inca Gold, of course, who should be on our radar coming out of England?
Inca Gold – We’re really looking forward to the new Wild Beasts album coming out.
 Colourmusic are great, their bassist Nick is from the UK, does that count?
 A band who are playing with us at our EP launch Flamingods in June are worth looking out for. 

Ridiculous But Necessary Questions

What is your favorite cheese?
Inca Gold – It’s a really close call between Camembert and Beaufort. The rhythm section like Camembert but guitars and vocals swear by Beaufort. Do you get Laughing Cow cheese triangles in the US?
Mersey Beat or Madchester?
Inca Gold – Alex’s hometown is Manchester so no contest really.
English Countryside or Swingin’ London?
Inca Gold – Swingin’ London... until we get dizzy and retreat to the countryside.
Banksy or Francis Bacon?
Inca Gold – Francis Bacon 

A month in the van with anyone (completely open)?
Inca Gold – Charlie Sheen…I bet he’s a better drug dealer than our manager.

It's Happening Again by Inca Gold


Team Pregnancy! Or, Sasha Cures "The Twisties"....OR STILL! Damon Does Denver...BONUS STILL!! NGO Guy The New Face Of Evil: Bambi Or Baby Killer? You Decide...

Could this be the end of Emily's Olympic Dream?...Or the birth of another in 2028?
Okay, MIOBI nation, who woke up this morning with a case of the “Twisties”? Did we all just see what I think we saw? Is this goodbye – the end – farewell to Emily Kmetko? We’ve seen characters come and go and come back on this show – Marty, Sasha, even Payson’s dad (who surprisingly crops up this episode, lurking around gym camp like Talia Shire in Prophecy); but that montage of scenes from the DVDs of the first three seasons of MIOBI playing behind Emily’s head as she rode the bus to Vegas sure felt final. Was this episode the requiem for Emily’s dream?  And if so, where does that leave her poor mom, Chloe?  I know just the man to comfort her, and believe me, it isn’t a tieless NGO creep.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. We catch up from last week’s bombshell news that Emily is with child to find her getting a sonogram by a grumpy but non-judgmental OBGYN – NICE WORK Andrea Zuckerman! - as weepy Chloe looks on. Emily is about six weeks in. “How could this happen?” she asks. Well, Emily, you see, when a mommy and a daddy love themselves so very much, the daddy puts his Mr. Happy – oh, wait, Doc Blasé is quick to ask if protection was used. Didn’t these kids see The Last American Virgin? I learned just about everything I needed to know about how to avoid teen pregnancy from that movie. There’s a bit to be learned about pizza delivery as well in that flick, just in case she wants to get back to the Pizza Shack. In any event, she is given pamphlets on her options: keep the baby, put it up for adoption, or end the pregnancy. Big decisions need to be made for Emily.

Sasha don't preach because Em's made up her mind and she's keeping her baby!
Meantime, Sasha Fonzarelli cruises into the Arnold’s parking lot as milkshakes are spilled, necking teenagers fall out through their car doors, and Arnold and his wife greet him in his still-available parking space to thank him for coming back so “things can get back to normal.” We all know how normal things are when Sasha is around; for example, there’s a morning news show taking up half of The Rock with their impromptu set. Sasha is not happy about this publicity encroaching on training, especially because he doesn’t think it will be good for Emily, who bounds in at just that moment to start taking questions. Fortunately, Mrs. Potatohead has packed his angry eyes, so he can glare at her answering hard-hitting questions about whether she can go to Worlds (drink) and how she was a flop in Hungary. Sasha pulls her into the office to ask what the ding-dong she’s doing, and Emily, rational as a teenager, says she’ll decide what to do about her pregnancy when she finds out if she’s even going to Worlds (drink again).