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Duvet's Daily Dose...Bravo! Bill and Hillary Clinton For Putting The Party First!

I just want to extend a heartfelt thanks to Bill and Hillary Clinton for "doing whatever needs to be done to get Barack Obama in the Oval Office." I applaud their efforts for putting aside any residual bitterness over losing a campaign, Mrs. Clinton viewed more as a coronation, than a contest.

It's easy to see how a young upstart preaching "change" should have known his place in the Democratic Party pecking order. And how gracious the Clintons have been in showering him with tepid praise, back-handed compliments, and thinly veiled insinuations as to how competent he would be as Commander-in-Chief.

It was right to caution the American people that someone who ran and continues to run a well disciplined, highly-organized, and fiscally sound campaign - As opposed to the erratic, spend thrifty, kitchen sink approach you offered Americans - was not a suitable candidate for President.

Former President Clinton's promise to "get out there and stump" for Obama after observing the Jewish Holidays, Halloween, and the election itself is completely understandable. The Democratic Party can count on the Clintons because they know just how important this election is to America (Oh, and to Hillary's last chance to fulfill her entitlement dream in 2012).

David Blaine can learn a thing or two from the former first family about how to pull off one of the greatest disappearing acts of all time! Wait, didn't she say, " haven't seen the last of me"?

Kudos to Senator Clinton for neutralizing Pitbull Palin with this searing mantra, "NO McCain, NO Palin, NO Way!" WOW! That'll do the trick.

After brilliantly making the case against Barack Hussein Obama - not to imply that he's a Muslim or a terrorist, as far as Senator Clinton knows - she vows to do "whatever it takes" with all the urgency of a Senator pushing through reforms....Wait a minute?

Don't worry Clintons your legacy is being etched as we speak...and here's some campaign slogans for 2012 Hillary: How about, "CLINTON FIRST!" or perhaps, "CHANGE, you can wait for."

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