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Dan Deacon in pictures and video...

Dan Deacon and his ensemble travelled in this converted school bus which ran on recycled vegetable fuel. The musician was sporting a sling for his show at San Francisco's Great American Music Hall, after slipping while refueling the behemoth pictured above. The show went on with the aid of painkillers and unflinching show business moxie!

This neon tangle of cords and gizmos served as mission control for Deacon as he led his 8-piece ensemble through tracks off his latest album "Bromst".

Deacon's set was a magical display of performer and audience interaction, culminating in euphoric releases of electronic inspired catharsis. The enraptured throng seemed to ripple and percolate in time with the rich, layered soundscapes. Often at 130bpms.

A picture says a 1000 words.

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