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The Xx Kill It Softly at San Francisco's Great American Music Hall

London, England's deserved buzz band The Xx played the second night of their first headline tour at San Francisco's Great American Music Hall with New York's Phantogram last night. Equipped with a stadium worthy light show, the three-piece played their critically acclaimed debut album to a ecstatic sold-out room. Their romo-electro cum indie sound is one of the more unique on today's musical horizon. Singer/guitarist Romy Madley Croft and bassist Oliver Sim, deliver call and response vocals delivered with barely more than hushed voices, while beat generator Jamie Smith made sure hips swayed. The Xx are a sexy band and one could imagine many of the women in the crowd singing their songs into their hairbrushes at home in preparation. The men in attendance allowed themselves the luxury of relishing in their sensitivity, with both genders seemingly performing the songs for the band. The strobe and light heavy package served to further the emotional noir at the heart of their songs.

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