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Try As I Might to Not Be, I Still Am a Fan of Tao Lin...Or, at least 88% of a Fan.

Check out this interesting interview in this week's LA Weekly with author cum "Indie Musician" Tao Lin. The 27 year old writer, who recently released his second novel entitled "Richard Yates", is now one half of the duo Jesus Christ with the blogosphere's Carles of "Hipster Runoff" fame (warning, the two may be one in the same).  The song that is leaking around the internet is called "Is This really What You Want?" (the song can be found by clicking on the band link above).  Lin's vocal mirrors his writing in it's cryptic, conversational delivery over a atmospheric electro dance beat.  The post above contains an interview I had over e-mail with the writer about two years ago in all its unedited glory!

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