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If You Only Saw One Act At Treasure Island This Weekend...It Should Have Been Die Antwoord

Strike a MUTHAFUCKIN pose!
South Africa's Die Antwoord made their US debut at this year's Coachella Festival and was by all accounts a polarizing and eye-opening experience.  Several months later the Hip-Hop trio were causing jaws to drop at the Treasure Island Music Festival on Saturday.  It's hard to know how seriously to take Die Antwoord but judging by their performance I would say VERY seriously.  Band leader Nija definitely has the flow of Eminem and the conviction of N.W.A.  His rhymes are as outrageous as they are confusing.  His foil, Cape Town's version of a "hood rat", is the pre-pubescent looking Yo-Landi Vi$$er.  She matches Nija's moxy spitting verses with a tone that can only be described as child-like.
Yo-Landi Vi$$er in action...
 Her performance in a half-shirt and gold lames skin-tight pants was downright NASTY!  It was so disturbing to my buddy that he felt guilty watching it and I suggested maybe a shower was in order when he got home.  The beats are supplied by DJ Hi-Tek and are as inventive as any DJ's in the game.  The strike a balance between minimal and otherworldly.  The South African "culture" the proudly boast presenting was certainly not the one FIFA wanted highlighted in this year's World Cup.  It will be interesting to see if Die Antwoord has staying power or if they will be relegated to a curious side-show on the 2010 music landscape.  Below are some vids to give you a better idea of what all the fuss is about.  

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