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Evan Dando Is Not Just A Pretty Face...This Is How ALL Interviews Should Be!

In a refreshing change from blowhards pimping their latest and greatest, I stumbled across this NvTv (Northern Visions Television out of Belfast, Ireland) interview with the Lemonheads Evan Dando.  See the mind of a creative genius make mincemeat of a over-matched Irish journalist in this compelling interview. His quick wit is on full display as he refuses to be relegated into the "wee box" of an indie-hunk. The interview is a very candid and frank discussion on whatever track Evan Dando's mystery train of thought switches onto...I particularly love the drumming on his legs throughout and some recurring "daddy issues".  Don't be too quick to dismiss this as the ramblings of some drug-addled "Rock Star", because while he may seem to be in some far off world of his own, you won't find a more present and honest interview.  Duvet would love the opportunity to sit down with Evan...So come on and feel the Dando!

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