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The Face of the New Nashville: You Won't Find Teardrops on Tristen's Guitar...

The new face of Nashville...
Nashville often gets overlooked by the indie literati due largely to the Disney-like, sequins and fringe hokum of artists like Taylor Swift.  But, just beneath the shiny, aw-shucks toothiness, lies a burgeoning underground of smart singer-songwriters proudly out of step and residing on the periphery of Music City.  One such artist is Tristen, who's first full-length release on American Myth Recordings, Charlatans At The Garden Gate is set for release on February 1st.  She will also be beginning a national tour on January 22nd in her hometown of Nashville that will also - I believe - mark her West Coast debut.  This tour will find her raising her profile at Austin's SXSW.  Tristen (along with fellow "Nashvillians" Caitlin Rose, Natalie Prass, and Those Darlins) combines a lovely voice with a songwriting sensibility that is every bit as cunning and wry as Swift is heavy-handed and obvious.  I heard her song "Eager For Your Love" off an earlier EP, Deceivers Are Achievers, and couldn't get the refrain of "tame that nasty shrew..." out of my head for months.  Look for Tristen to be buzzing big in 2011.  Below is a taste, with her video for "Matchstick Murder" and her performing "Eager For Your Love" live.

Matchstick Murder from Tristen on Vimeo.

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