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Ty Segal, Natural Child, & The Strange Boys @ SF's Verdi Club In Pictures As Part Of Burger Boogaloo...

Artwork by William Keihn
There is something truly wonderful and time-honored about all-ages shows held in ethnically distinguished social halls. The clash of kids milling around the entranceway to a space usually reserved for weddings, bingo, and wakes always makes me thankful. It's this re-fashioning of use that makes me crave a buffet to go along with my PBR in a can and in this case, "garage/psyche/RAWK! On Friday night in San Francisco's Mission District the Verdi Club - located on 18th and Mariposa - an Italian-American social club that has been in existence since 1916, hosted a banquet of some of fine music. This might be the first time a band playing there didn't feature an accordion or cover Louis Prima. The deliciously late 70's decor and interior of the hall was the perfect setting for a night of bruising, blistering, and blunt rock and roll as part of Burger Boogaloo's "takeover" of San Francisco. The 300 plus in attendance were treated to a bill headlined by SF's Ty Segall, Nashville's Natural Child, and Austin's The Strange Boys, along with others. What follows is a few pics from that night, minus the cutting of the cake and removing of the garter.
Austin, TX's The Strange Boys light it by RLC
The Strange Boys played a furious garage rock set that was entertaining, albeit a bit one note. They lacked the diversity in their sound of Natural Child and Ty Segall. The Austin trio is clearly a favorite among the other bands and made the long drive out from Texas after playing SXSW. Ty Segall offered $20 to the winner of an impromptu dance competition he decided to sponsor. The Strange Boys were on the road with Natural Child and making the long drive to Portland, OR after the show.
Check the "freak flag" behind the by RLC
One of my favorite bands was up next, Natural Child. This Nashville power-trio (a very popular setup for bands these days) is the perfect combination of having an amazing sound in service of GREAT songs. The dual vocals of Wez Traylor and Seth together hit the perfect note, roughhewn but melodic as HELL! These guys have a lot of different shades to the "green" inspired songs. They are HEAVY but not in a way that excludes but includes the ladies. Their lyrics are odes to a life worth livin', when livin' is done on the cheap and in the back of a van. They pair perfectly with beer in a can and I love them. Look for an upcoming interview with Natural Child here on the "What Duvet Said...About Music" podcast.
If Keith Richards sang with Keith by RLC
Natural Child managed to play their entire set without playing my three favorite songs and moments after arriving from the long drive up from LA. The air was thick inside the Verdi Club with  the KIND "verdi" and the crowd edge closer to the stage with each song. This is a band to NEVER miss live. They will be releasing their first full-length album on Nashville based Infinity Cat Records oddly enough on 4/20. This is NOT a shocker, believe me.
This amp catches by RLC
I had to buy the silkscreened shirts Natural Child were selling because they were simply put, "KOOL AS SHIT!" This is a reminder to anyone seeing touring bands, BUY THE MERCH! It keeps gas in vans, nicotine in lungs, drugs in veins, and might make it easier for you to see them again sooner rather than never again. This has been a public service announcement from your friends at Duvet.
Natural Child in their natural by RLC
Closing the show was this scene's very own "natural child" Ty Segall. Segall is a real treasure and should be seen to be believed. His set is always blistering and a communal event. His show on Friday found "Strange Boy" drummer Mike La Franchi sitting in on bass. But the focus is always on wunderkind guitar hero Segall. Popular all over the country I don't expect him to be playing venues this intimate and low-key for much longer.
RAWK in by RLC
Most of the songs came off his most recent album Melted and faces were indeed MELTED! His cover of Sabbath's "Paranoid" was truly inspired. In fact, it inspired this writer to push is way up front, order another beer he didn't need, and led to a longer night than anticipated. KUDOS Ty! Thanks for the memories I can't remember. But here are a couple I managed to pop-off  inpixulated for posterity.
A picture is worth a 1000 words and will have to by RLC
RAWK is always better viewed in a top hat. It was a classy affair at the Verdi Club. The pic below captures the "pomp" being witnessed from the back of the room, on stage would be the "circumstance". The next time I come back to the Verdi Club I think I'll try the fish but Friday night was definitely steak and potatoes.
Down in front! by RLC

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