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12 Galaxies in SF Closing Its Doors...Get Ready For More of This

I came across this the other day in SF Weekly's Blog and I can guarantee this won't be the only club to close it's doors in the "City by the Bay". My sources are telling me that clubland is taking a big hit in the current downturn in the economy. In cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York, high rents and club patrons tightening their belts could result in some of your favorite live music venues going the way of the dinosaur.

Another factor that is weighing on club owners is major corporations like Live Nation are buying up clubs or offering acts more money to play their venues. This effectively prices out the "mom and pop" club. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL!! They need your help...

One of the Mission's few live music venues -- and the only one of its size -- is closing later this month. Robert Levy, owner of 12 Galaxies since the club opened five years ago, says the financial climate is too rough for him to continue to keep the space open. It's some sad news for music lovers, as there have been some amazing shows at 12 Galaxies over the years -- from Lightning Bolt to Jay Reatard to Kelley Stoltz (and that's just off the top of my head), not to mention the fact that it removes one of the bigger venues in a neighborhood packed with young music fans. -- Jennifer Maerz

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