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The Rodeo

The Rodeo This story would probably be better if I was some left wing PETA type nutjob renting a houseboat in Sausalito. But I'm not, so when I went to the Truckee National Championship Rodeo a few days back, I was beside myself. I was throwing back Kers Light like I belonged. I scratched my balls, not sure that's a "rodeo-centric" thing, and let loose a yeehaw! Though I fashioned it on Jim Morrisons primal scream in "The End." Everything about the whole thing was great. Teenage girls with big ole belt buckles, Wrangler jeans, bucking broncos, a mean ass bull. Even a bunch of hippies who had no problem watching a calf get a rope around the neck, but did take a moment to remind my son that pointing guns, even a cap gun, at people is bad. True, hippie-types, but shove it. He's five. Let him bust some caps in people while it's still fun.The only major issue with the whole Rodeo thing is the MC. That mofo talks and talks and talks. Won't shut up. The Rodeo, start to finish lasted 2.5 hours. He made it seem like a week and a half."All the people in the audience who served in the military stand up!"Two dudes stood up. God love them. But the MC makes it sound as though these two guys single handedly ended WW2 and through serious crisis management, averted WW3."Look at that would, you. Brings a tear to your eye."Two F-ing dudes stood up!!!! I'm not tearing up over two guys!The MC went on and on. If you thought vaudeville was a dead art, go to a rodeo.Regardless, the rodeo is fun. You drink beer, talk to people you never would imagine talking to, and feel you are a part of something that passed you by.Here's a link to the Truckee Rodeo. Maybe. It was my dad's 74th birthday tonight, and I've got a bit of a heat on.

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