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Duvet's Eye Candy: Blaze, Bling, And Kings; Wavves Make Summer Come Early...

What can I say about this vid? I love the band, I love their videos, and I love the fact that they have their own currency. Not to mention, they KILLED Noise Pop this weekend with tour mates Best Coast on the last date of the "Bestys Tour". Wavves has a ferocious sound like Mavericks on a BIG day live. Nathan Williams makes the girls swoon and the guys behave themselves in the pit, no small task at the sold out show. The waft of pot smoke as we entered San Francisco's Regency Ballroom was EPIC! Wavves also debuted a new song that points to this SoCal trio keeping their throne in 2011. On top of all that, they covered Black Flag and reminded everyone how much fun a good jolt of adrenaline can be at a RAWK show! This was a tight and focused group of slackers, who don't slack off on making great music.

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