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Tristen, Nashville, and Unsolicited Advice From Robert "Bob" Duvet...PLUS, A WHOLE LOT OF EYE CANDY

As promised in this week's "What Duvet Said...About Music" Issue 18: "The Nashville Episode", we have links to all the topics discussed.  And, below is some "Eye Candy" to go along with "the BEST programmed music podcast on the internet".
Tristen's Charlatans at the Garden Gate
Our guest this week was Nashville singer-songwriter Tristen, who just celebrated the release of her first full-length album, Charlatans at the Garden Gate.  The album can be purchased here through American Myth Recordings.  The album's song-cycle is diverse and eclectic, while remaining true the this artist's unique vision.  We strongly recommend this record and be sure to look for Tristen who will be on tour throughout the remainder of 2011.  Below is some video taken with my trusty FlipCam, unedited, from her first ever performance in San Francisco.  The song was introduced as a "new song" so I am not sure of the title.  The set showcased leaner and more stripped down versions of the songs off her album.  Her band, The Ringers, were representative of the top-notch musicianship Nashville is known for.  None of the rich harmonies and compelling arrangements were sacrificed, but it was interesting to hear the songs delivered in more straight-ahead fashion.  Tristen is definitely not a "country" artist and much of the music played in the podcast illustrates how diverse a music scene "Music City" encompasses.

Many people ask me how I discover the new and emerging acts from various music scenes around the country and world?  Here are a few very good sources to keep tabs on what is going on in Nashville, TN currently.  I love to monitor the various weeklies in cities across the country and for Nashville it is, The Nashville Scene.  Another great source are the blogs and I came across two very good ones in researching this podcast, Nashville's Dead and The Vinyl District.  Still another source is local record labels from the town you are interested in, in this case Infinity Cat Recordings has an amazing stable of bands.  This label is home to JEFF the Brotherhood, Natural Child, Heavy Cream, and Daniel Pujol, to name a few.  Still another source, the links for the bands MySpace or Bandcamp sites will have other bands that they are friends with listed or flyers for upcoming shows.  Finally, check out the calendars for the clubs in town and see you is playing.  The Mercy Lounge and The Exit Inn are two standbys in Nashville.  The final finally, read these posts by yours truly: "Caitlin Does New York..."  and "These Bulls Are Heading...".  These are some of the various "rabbit holes" at your disposal to keep you in the loop of music scenes you might be interested in.  Enough with the tutorial!!  Below is some "Eye Candy" to sweeten your musical teeth!

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