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Operation: “Shopping”…Or, A Middle-Class Version Of Scorched Earth Politics

Storm the castle
Plant the flag in softened, well-trodden dirt
Shop at the ramparts super-store
Grease the tank wheels
Roll over everyone
Keep progressing, moving forward
With slow, mannered precision
Lock step, eyes fixed
Well-covered and camouflaged
Might hidden from sight
Out flanking, out ranking
Without questioning, orders followed
Mission accomplished with minimal collateral damage
Greater goods and services rendered
Civilian living in a boutique war zone
Gentrifying armies
Just enough clicks away to be considered soft targets
Entrenched in bunkered cubicles
Manning cockpit cash registers
With pilotless drones set loose in shopping malls
A focus group enemy of the state
Buying and selling each other’s secrets
Honorably discharged
Into a bloated wallet
Faces flushed and covered with consumer scars
This is living large in an age of large living
This is today being lived in yesteryear
No purchase will bring it back
Storm the castle

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