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Duvet Breaks Silence On Recent Nomination For PodCastAwards And You Might Be Surprised At What He Has To Say? Alternate Title...Duvet Says, "Anyone Who Says Being Nominated Is Like Winning Is A Loser!"

One of WDS's flagship podcasts, "What Duvet Said...About Music", was recently nominated for this year's People's Choice PodCastAwards in the category of "Best Podsafe Music Podcast". The 7th annual event is designed to recognize the best podcasters in the world by allowing podcasters and listeners to nominate their favorites in a variety of categories. Founded by Todd Cochrane - podcaster, new media expert, and author of the first book on podcasting "Podcasting: Do It Yourself Guide" - these awards are expected to generate  some 750,000 hits per day during the voting window which runs from October 12-27th. "What Duvet Said...About Music", recently added to, is one of ten nominees in its category. The bi-weekly two hour podcast is hosted by the venerable WDS CEO and self-proclaimed bon vivant, Bob Duvet. His podcast has been featured in the Nashville Scene for its Issue 18 dissection of "Music City's" underground scene. Many of the show's interview subjects (which have included Caitlin Rose, Tristen, Daniel Pujol, Tim Cohen, Tamaryn, The Soft Moon, Olin & The Moon, et al) have gone on to receive national/international attention despite having appeared on the podcast.
Mr. Duvet is a notoriously secretive, some even describe as shadowy, internet presence and has been using his music podcast to influence impressionable minds with his hypnotic vocal delivery and adventurous playlists. The show features interviews, reviews, and rambling incoherent pontificating and seems to be at the forefront of a music movement in need of rambling, incoherent pontificating. When told of his nomination for "Best Podsafe Music Podcast", Duvet reportedly became highly agitated and blamed the government for singling him out. When explained that this was, in fact, quite an honor, Duvet thanked Jesus Christ.
Winner announcements will be sometime in mid-November with prizes in each category to be determined. Given the coveted nature of these awards and their cultural significance, Duvet is rumored to be leveraging the proverbial "farm" on what he has determined to be a "given". When pressed further on the topic Mr. Duvet was succinct, "Anyone that tells you being nominated is like winning is a LOSER." WDS stock has been soaring in market trading since the announcement and has aroused the suspicion of not only podcast enthusiasts but also SEC investigators. Mr. Duvet is oft characterized as a master manipulator and is sure to exploit even the slightest stream of goodwill for his own benefit. If you would like to see this happen and help to contribute to what is sure to be a grave miscarriage of entertainment industry glad-handing, go here to vote for "What Duvet Said...About Music" in the "Best Podsafe Music Podcast" category. Below is the video hosted by Cochrane for the slate announcements of nominees in the various categories for this year's PodCastAwards.

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