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Is Tom Waits Still A Genius?...Watch This Video And Question No Further! Or, Pay Attention Kids, This Is How You Market A New Album!

Ever find yourself questioning the creativity of a previous generation? Well, there is something to be said for being able to remember a time before the internet and then using that experience to inject new technology with old aesthetics. Music legend Tom Waits puts the private back in "private listening party" in advance of his newest release "Bad As Me" - due to drop October 24th in the US. Waits puts his bona fide acting chops and quirky sensibility to good use in creating this fun and critical jab at the lack of true exclusivity in the "iShare" generation's most treasured creation, the internet. Waits is streaming his soon-to-be-released album as an invitation only listening party. Click on title above to find out how you can crash....or simply watch the instructional video below for the full manifesto. See how a few "bad apples" can spoil the bunch!

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