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Duvet's Eye Candy: Secret Music Play With T.O.Y.S!...WAIT! Get In Now And Thank Me Later Because You Need To Know About These Guys!!...FURTHER! Not Much To Know About These Guys, So Peep The Video That Doesn't Show The Men Of Secret Music But Does Show That Creepy Dummy From The Movie Magic!

A shadowy duo indeed...Secret Music
One of the perks of being Bob Duvet your "music valet" is access my Duvetians. With so much music being run up the flag pole, sometimes you need a middleman to do the saluting. Hence, the need for this blog and others like it. I mean can you really trust the 1% over at With the preamble out of the way, I give you this diamond in the rough and soon to be adorning the blog-o-sphere's middle finger (another way of looking at the flagpole/salute metaphor). Today we are hollering about Secret Music! I know extremely little about the seeming duo from Brooklyn, other than I love them and want you to have the opportunity to fall in love as well. A source close to the band has allowed me to preview their as yet untitled, upcoming release and we are bullish on Secret Music here at WDS! The music has a BIG, multi-layered guitar approach at its core with plenty of oblique hooks to keep you interested. I'm reminded a bit of another Brooklyn-based purveyor of noisy glory, Japanther, with a bit of The Naked and Famous to keep you swaying in place on that cliff the Cure's Robert Smith dances on in the "Just Like Heaven" video. The songs are all consistently in the red, with big beats, anthemic chorus and impossible to ignore dance floor remix potential. There are plenty of dynamics to be found in Secret Music's music. Sheets of sound suddenly clear to reveal a bassline washing up on a sonic shore and then suddenly hoisted back into the sea by an army of distorted guitars. This is dense music with extreme care to production. A welcome return to 90's production sensibilities in fact and hopefully a trend to combat the staid glut of bedroom recordings. Below you will find the video for their single "T.O.Y.S", as directed by TV Carnage, easily one of my favorite videos of the year. Also, check out their digital 7" available on their Bandcamp site or via Black Bell Records

Secret Music - T.O.Y.S. Official Music Video from Secret Music on Vimeo.

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