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WDS's First Ever Contest!!...Or, Where Winners And Losers Collide!!...Better OR! Be The Change You Want To See!!...Last OR!! Put On Those Overalls Loyal & Trusted Duvetians Because We NEED YOU To Help US Harvest Some "Follows" & "Likes"!!

Jason Duplissea & Robert "Bob" Duvet...The Men of Duvet
WDS’s FIRST EVER CONTEST!! The “Win a Dream Date with Bob Duvet or Jason Duplissea (but certainly not both, as that would not only be highly unlikely and impractical but people might talk) Contest”!! Here’s all you have to do to lasso yourself a night out on the town with one half of the most sought after duo in all of Internet-dom, simply help “harvest” as many “Likes” on the “What Duvet Said…” Facebook page, OR, get folks to “Follow” @BobDuvet on Twitter. It’s just that EASY!! So that’s what WE get but what’s in it for YOU? ONLY!! A night out on the town (towns to include but are certainly not limited to either LA or SF but are, in fact, limited to LA or SF) with your pals and purveyors of some of the most necessary unnecessary programming and writing on the web!! The men behind “What Duvet Said…” have proven to be well-connected and well-…versed in movies and music, so they want to share their industries with YOU!! Winners will enjoy an advance movie screening with “Hollywood insider” and member of the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Film Society, Jason Duplissea (airfare, hotel, and popcorn not included), OR, a Rawk –n – Roll night out on the town with famed “scenester” Bob Duvet (drugs not included)!!
Previous contest winner with Bob Duvet
To redeem your prize you need only “drive some traffic” and then YOU too can get stuck in traffic with Jason in LA or get caught up in trafficking with Bob!! Winners will be chosen based on how many confirmed “Likes” or “Follows” they drum up, gender, general HOTTNESS determined by the “Men of Duvet” in regard to specific and more general preferences and fetishes, availability, and approval by Bob’s wife (in most instances some form of payola will suffice). You are by no means obligated to redeem your prize and may fulfill conditions of this contest out of the goodness of your own heart (preferred method of redemption among good Christians, civic-minded individuals and Occupy Wall Street protesters). If you must win, then drop us a line at to sing your praises and tells us about all the folks you turned on, tuned in and dropped by! Winners will be announced in the first week of January 2012 on “The Tank with Jason & Rob” and “What Duvet Said…About Music” podcasts (as well as on Twitter & Facebook). So there are your marching orders loyal and trusted Duvetians!! Go forth and multiply!!

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