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Tamaryn Teams With Artist Richard Phillips To Help Continue To Overexpose Actress Famous For Overexposure And Starring Opposite A Car Ten Years Ago...

San Francisco's goth princess Tamaryn gets song cast in artist Richard Phillips tortured perfume ad starring America's favorite repeat offender Lindsay Lohan! We here at "What Duvet Said..." applaud Tamaryn for the "get" and wish she was cast instead of Lohan. It would have made for a much more compelling film, instead, we have been reading the scores of bloggers reading too much into Lohan's waterlogged performance. It's merely a Maxim pictorial put to music (albeit very good music), with the Lindsanator looking distant, constipated, and dumb. See below...Hear Tamaryn's interview with Robert "Bob" Duvet on a past episode of "What Duvet said...About Music" here!

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