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Bob Duvet Reveals Identity On “Succotash, The Comedy Podcast Podcast”… Or, Pass The Pinwheels, Bob Duvet Comes Clean...STILL MORE OR, Hershon Gets The Get Of The Decade, Then Loses That One And Has Bob Duvet On As Last Minute Replacement!!

That’s right Duvetians, when asked to co-host and help curate the latest episode of “Succotash, The Comedy Podcast Podcast” hosted by, the internationally recognized Marc Hershon, the normally reclusive and vaguely French Duvet, revealed his true identity. “Succotash” is a comedy podcast “round-up” featuring clips from some of podcasting’s nether regions. Previous guests on the show have included Dana Carvey, Rick Overton, Mark Pitta, and Will Durst.

The shadowy Duvet has been reluctant to appear in public due to an underwhelming demand for his appearing in public. The recalcitrant Duvet was coaxed out of hiding by Hershon last week to help curate episode 8.  Plied with Smirnoff vodka and Nabisco Pinwheel cookies, both substances Duvet has had a storied past with, he entered Sausilito’s Studio P where “Succotash” is recorded.  Duvet emerged from a dirty, black, late-model Mazda disguised in a Quick Draw McGraw furry outfit in a bid to maintain his anonymity. Inside the scene was described as, “awkward…very, very awkward.” by Duvet mouthpiece Robert Celli. At one point producer Joe Paulino had to come between “Succotash” announcer Bill Heywatt and Duvet who had apparently both been partners in a disastrous business scheme seeking to create a chain of bathhouses in the mid-seventies.  The chain, “Bob & Bill’s Bathtopia”, was slapped with several health code violations and shuttered its doors after the worst plumbing disaster in recorded history at the inaugural opening night party. The two were later spotted standing in front of the sites of several former fern bars visibly reeling from the effects of the potent Pinwheel and vodka concoctions. San Francisco convenience store owners later confirmed having seen a run on their shelves of both products between the hours of midnight and 5am. Police are reviewing surveillance footage purely for their own amusement.

The show itself was handled deftly by Hershon who has dealt with several jackasses wearing furry jackass costumes in his long career in entertainment. When asked how he was able to get the tight-lipped Duvet to open up on his show Hershon simply stated, “vodka…and a loaded pistol.” Some of the podcasts Duvet sited as useful supplements to his involvement in the Church of Scientology were “Good Clean Fun”, “The S&M Rants”, “Gee & Jay Radio Show”, “Paul F. Tomcast”, “Comedy Bang Bang” and “Comedy Accident”. For access to this rare and uncalled for appearance click here!  And here! Oh, and over……HERE!

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