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Duvet's Eye Candy: Girls, Cars, & "Vomit"

The best things about San Francisco's Girls are all here in this video for the song "Vomit" off there September 13th release of their third album "Father, Son, Holy Ghost". We have an EPIC tune, featuring torrents of guitar swirl, a sexy, red, classic Mustang, and the streets of San Francisco captured in all their mysterious glory. If this song is any indication, the band is hitting its stride with a larger scale production. The band will also be touring soon in support of the record, bringing them to SF for two shows at the Great American Music Hall in early RAWKtober.  I for one can't wait to climb into the backseat of this record to take it for a spin. Enjoy a taste of this cherry red, sex on wheels ode to the quest for love on the dirty streets.

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