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"What Duvet Said..." Now on, World Domination On The Menu For Duvet...Alternate Or, Despite Themselves WDS Continues To Expand...SUPER SECRET Or, This Podcast Will One Day Be Remembered As A Podcast!!

Hurricane Irene wasn't the only story making news this past week, as perennial podcasting favorite "What Duvet Said..." made its debut on is described as:
"MEVIO hosts networks of personality-driven episodic entertainment to best engage our customers-comprised of viewers, producers, advertisers and partners. MEVIO is one of the fastest growing entertainment sites on the web. We're guided by an A-list of venture capital and thought leadership, including the investors that brought you Google and a management team that brought top shows, hits and releases to consumers. MEVIO is backed by leading venture capital firms Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Sequoia Capital, Sherpalo Ventures, DAG Ventures and Crosslink Capital. MEVIO has over forty shows in production, ranging from technology to comedy and general entertainment. We currently have an audience of over six million monthly unique visitors and are ranked by comScore as a top twenty site for both general entertainment and music. Our top networks include technology, music, women's and men's content." (taken from
The move signifies WDS's (the fledgling network and parent company of the "What Duvet Said..." podcast and blog) commitment to expand its reach and market share - even with no apparent demand or public outcry to do so. WDS's "El Duce" and CEO Bob Duvet is expected to make an announcement later in the week stating plans for not only the Podcasting division but also the TV, Publishing, and Pet Apparel branches of his nascent media empire. The move sent shockwaves through "the street" sending many traders into a frenzy trying to find out why they should care? WDS stock surely would have soared had there actually been shares available. This is the latest in a series of positive signs which included a rare appearance by Mr. Duvet on a recent episode of "Succotash: The Comedy Podcast, Podcast".
Some have questioned if WDS might be expanding too fast in a sluggish economy but many industry insiders cite Mr. Duvet's sluggish approach to CEO-ing as cause for being bullish on the future of the network. WDS and Bob Duvet can't get out of their own way..." one unidentified Wall Street insider stated, "...and that is the perfect position to take in this market, just look at how well it seems to be working for congress." The announcement will also be expected to coincide with a spate of hiring in all divisions, particularly in the publishing side of WDS where Them Magazine and the "What Duvet Said..." blog are expected to be offering unpaid internships to "HOTT" female college students revealed in a recently leaked memo to the nonexistent shareholders. Some speculators speculate that the move to might be, "much ado about nothing". But, Mr. Duvet has stood by his previous claims to do nothing and it seems to be paying off. The "What Duvet Said..." podcast, which features programming as diverse as "What Duvet Said...About Music" and "The Tank with Rob Celli & Jason Duplissea" has been attracting serious buzz among the music and entertainment communities, with many performers, industry "bigwigs", and flaks clamoring to get on the show - which recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. Below is a list of guests and performers who have appeared on the podcast over the course of the past year.

Chelsea Hobbs - actress most recently seen on ABC Family's "Make It Or Break It"
Alicia Witt - actress and musician
Josie Loren - actress most recently seen on ABC Family's "Make It Or Break It"
Joy Nordenstrom - CEO of Joy of Romance and noted matchmaker/relationship expert
Tamaryn - band
Sean Boling - author and pop culture authority
Julie Mann - actress, comedian and pop culture authority
Holly Sorensen - creator, executive producer, writer of ABC Family's "Make It Or Break It"
True Widow - band
Brandy Kuentzel - NBC's "The Apprentice" season 10 winner
Robert Ellis - musician
Caitlin Rose - musician
Tristen - musician
Daniel Pujol - musician
Tim Cohen - musician (The Fresh & Onlys, Magic Trick, solo)
Kristina Kell - contestant on CBS's "Survivor: Redemption Island"
Rita Verreos - contestant on CBS's "Survivor: Fiji"
Ill Mondo - producers/musicians
Tyanna Alvarado - NBC's "The Apprentice" season 10 contestant
Ethan Lipton - musician
Holly Long - musician
Molly Bryant - musician

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