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Oakland's Ill Mondo Release Second Album "De Novo": These Guys Have SWAG For Days...Better! Ill Mondo Even Makes ELP Sound Ill...EVEN BETTER! This Post Is TOO Funky For This Blog!!...Better STILL! Don't Get Caught With Your Party Pants Down Around Your Ankles...Unless That's The Look You're Going For, In Which Case, Ill Mondo Will Help Get Them There!!!

The Men of Ill Mondo, Johnny Igaz & Jeff Smothers
"What Duvet Said's..." army of interns are charged with two things: 1. Keep their ears to the ground to continue to bring to you, Dear Readers, the best and most interesting music that's out there 2. Maintain Bob Duvet's impressive and growing collection of dioramas depicting Dicksonian era London slums. Well, KUDOS INTERNS! They have outdone themselves with their latest discovery, Ill Mondo! Now, get back to sweeping those tiny chimneys!

Ill Mondo is an Oakland, CA based production team comprised of Jeff Smothers and Johnny Igaz. The two have been creating some incredible music over the last couple of years with a string of releases ranging from "Chopped & Screwed"- inspired mixtapes, an amazing collaboration with hip-hop MC Neal Rames (featuring Prince Po, Sean Price, Percee P, and others) and their latest release De Novo.
De Novo marks a departure from the more hip-hop influence of their previous releases without losing any of the SWAG. The album features over twenty-five collaborators and runs a gamut of influences with a decided psychedelic, Latin-driven rock bent, that drifts into jazz - all delivered with a retro-funk sheen. Ill Mondo are a true example of "the devil being in the details" with pristine production skills and a knack for finding the perfect combination of musicians to employ to the all-original material on De Novo. If that isn't enough all their releases are available on Circle Into A Square Records for FREE!!  "What Duvet Said...About Music" host, Robert "Bob" Duvet, recently sat down with Ill Mondo for his latest music podcast, with Jeff and Johnny not only talking about music production, influences, and what they have been listening to but also helped curate the playlist. Ill Mondo also has been delving into the visual medium with two excellent videos for two cuts off their album De Novo, which can be seen below!

Just push play for "What Duvet Said...About Music" Issue 34 “The Ill World Of Ill Mondo: Robert ‘Bob’ Duvet has a conversation with Oakland, CA powerhouse production Team Ill Mondo! That’s right, Ill Mondo’s Jeff Smothers & Johnny Igaz talk about their latest release “De Novo”, working with Neal Rames, Percee P, Sean Price, & Prince Po, “Chopped & Screwed” mixtapes & Emerson, Lake & Palmer? They also help curate what is sure to be the winner of next year’s BEST MUSIC PODCAST VMA!!  BELIEVE IT!!”

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