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And They Say Nothing Is Free: Duvet Loves To Give Free Press To Things He Loves And I Love Me Some Free Energy!!

Not only does this band have one of the best albums to come out this year, Stuck On Nothing on the DFA label, but they also have the BEST sense of humor!  Check out this promo video for, the Free Energy Power Hour, that is one of the most entertaining pieces of marketing I've seen in quite awhile.  Click on the above link for further episodes of "The Donny Show"...complete with letter perfect renderings of everything that made the 70's and 80's such a beautiful time.  The Philadelphia band also draws on what made certain bands from those eras so special and in need of re-discovery. Below is some footage shot of Free Energy from earlier this year when they co-headlined with Titus Andronicus at San Francisco's Independent.  And, even further below is a classic Cheap Trick song from a 1981 performance on SNL.  Feel, "the charisma of Robin Zander."

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