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Trip On This...Could These Twins Have Inspired These Twins?

Alex Weiss & Marisa Kriess of NYC's The Shining Twins "Butt In"
Lost in the anals of Punk Rock history comes this video from kiddie punk duo Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.  The twins perform their punk rock ode "Butt Out" (very punk title indeed) below.  Could they have been responsible for launching New York City's, The Shining Twins career?  Coincidence?  What would their guitar player Xanax Aird say?  Hear one of the most hotly debated topics in rock unraveled. For the definitive story and so much more...listen to The Shining Twins interview on this week's "What Duvet Said...About Music" podcast available for FREE here an on iTunes, search for "What Duvet Said" : The Shining Twins Interview

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