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Deer Season Opens In San Francisco: ATL's Deerhunter Kill It At The Great American Music Hall...

Deerhunter's Bradford Cox in action...Photo by Halli Forster-Celli
Touring in support of the release of their latest Halcyon Digest, Atlanta's Deerhunter played two sold out San Francisco shows over the past Halloween weekend.  Both shows were opened by Kentucky's Casino vs Japan and New Jersey's Real Estate.  Deerhunter delivered both a wonderfully nuanced and incredibly BOMBASTIC hour and a half set on Friday at the Great American Music Hall.  While the most recognizable figure is still singer/guitarist Bradford Cox, Deerhunter's latest is decidedly the most collaborative and group focused.  Cox, who also fronts Atlas Sound, is the one most associate with the four-piece band's "Ambient Punk" vision but the band made a statement by opening with the other songwriting force in the band, guitarist/singer Lockett Pundt's tune.  Deerhunter played a wide-ranging set of songs from their three full-lengths and assorted singles.  The band have a penchant for combining Beatle-esque pop with modern-day psychedelia wrapped in a moody, dreamy haze.  Some songs were stretched to nearly fifteen minutes culminating in a fervor inducing dance/trance release.  Their sound was dialed in perfectly for the 500 seat venue.  The pulsing bass of Josh Fauver really drives Deerhunter in the live setting, allowing for the other three musicians (drummer Moses Archuleta rounds out the band) to craftily make use of the space and pockets in their songs.  The genial Cox was still the focal point for most of the all-ages audience in attendance.  Below is the band playing "Hazel St." off their first LP Cryptograms, taken from my trusty FlipCam and totally unedited.

The rapture in four pieces and sixteen strings...Photo by Halli Forster-Celli

The deer caught in the headlights...Photo by Halli Forster-Celli

Caught in the cross-hairs...Photo by Halli Forster-Celli

The SF fog rolls in on Bradford Cox...Photo by Halli Forster-Celli

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