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Ethan Lipton Speaks His Truth: Sometimes The Truth Hurts, Sometimes The Truth Is Hilarious And Sometimes The Truth Can Be Found In A Little Container...

There's nothing black & white about Ethan Lipton + his Orchestra

"What Duvet Said...About Music" is proud to have had a sit-down with one of New York City's prized possessions, Ethan Lipton.  The interview is up on iTunes now and showcases a singer-songwriter that refuses to be caged by both genre and description.  Ethan Lipton + his Orchestra have been playing their whimsical, thought-provoking, and entertaining compositions for the past several years to an increasingly vocal choir of converts.  A mainstay at NYC's Joes' Pub and Le Poison Rouge, Ethan Lipton is not only a talented band leader but also a playwright.  Lipton's plays have been produced in Los Angeles, New York and Edinburgh.  He is the recipient of a 2008 NYFA grant for playwriting, and was chosen to be part of the Public Theater's Emerging Writers Group for 2008.
Photo by Linus Gelber
His musical origins began when delivering a cappella songs inspired by the "jazz" of everyday life.  No subject was too big or too small for an often hilarious and sentimental sendup.  Lipton  could often be found tapping his toes to the backing of an imaginary orchestra but would soon be joined by living, breathing musicians.  His ever-expanding musical palette is on display on his two live albums (Baby, I Feel the Same Way, A New Low) and two studio recordings (Mr. Softy, Honker).  While many of his songs are rooted in jazz and blues, he mines the entire American songbook (and some of the European songbook, as well) to put everyday life into an always unique perspective.  His latest release, Honker, delivers a rich tapestry of both life's vulgarities and sublimities.  He recently sang back-up to artist extraordinaire Laurie Anderson on the Late Show with David Letterman.  He is definitely receiving due notice and this interview will shine a light on a one of a kind talent.

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