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The Return of the Haikiew: Kurt Vile and the Violators @ SF's Rickshaw Stop

On Tuesday night at San Francisco's Rickshaw Stop Kurt Vile and Violators brought their street tough, Philly Folk to a near sold out crowd. Vile alternates between acoustic driven space ballads and prodding electric guitar stomps, all soaked in a fair amount of reverb. The Violators added sonic punch and understated flourishes with heavy doses of chiming guitars. Openers Hurling Piss delivered 90's inspired Nirvana meets Sonic Youth cum 12 bar blues, with plenty of guitar solo histronics. Co-Headliner, The Soft Pack, kicked the skinny-jeaned hipsters in their skinny little ASSES! The band has been on a seemingly endless tour and the fruits of their labour are clearly evident as their songs had a crystaline intensity. In attendance were a myriad of Indie Rock "who's whos" including members of Dum Dum Girls, Girls, and Seventeen Evergreen. The following is my Haiku review or, "Haikiew", of the show...and below is some unedited footage shot on my trusty FlipCam of Vile's song "He's Alright".

Echo fuzz ears ring

Hypnotic Dylan transfixed

A Scenster heaven

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